Marilyn Zeidner

Excellence in Leadership Award

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Marilyn Zeidner

Marilyn Zeidner is a long time Lorain County resident and graduate of Lorain High School and Miami University.  Marilyn served for nearly twenty years as the Executive Director of Genesis House, Lorain County’s battered women’s shelter, and is best known for her commitment and support of victims of domestic violence. During the course of her career, she worked closely with the police, courts, social service organizations, and, of course, the women themselves. Marilyn spent much of her career as an advocate for women, and has worked to enlighten and educate others on the issue of domestic violence. She is truly a voice, not only for increased awareness and sensitivity, but in providing resources to help women and their children.

Marilyn’s passion for helping others has not eased with her retirement; it has only shifted to a new focus. Music on a Mission developed from Marilyn’s finding peace and rejuvenation in dancing and listening to live music in addition to her passion for people. MOM’s mission is to use the Power of Music to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs by providing creative, interactive programing.

Believing that music heals, communicates, plus fosters cooperation and enjoyment, MOM offers programs including: Kids in Tune, a program for children of all ages, ability levels, and children in crisis; Dance to the Music, a program that can be held in a wide variety of settings for people who have social, emotional, cognitive, or physical concerns; Voices for Veterans, serving those who served for us; Seniors in Symphony, a program for nursing home residents to provide relaxation, decrease stress, and bring a more positive state of mind; and The Barn, a venue that was established to help support MOM to continue their work in the community. The connection between music, body and soul improves physical and mental health in all ages. These programs support vocalization, socialization, self-confidence, creative talent growth, health and healing, physical, mental and emotional well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, improve relationships, aid in memory retention and tap into memories and emotions in a safe and fun environment.   In this next phase of her career, Marilyn continues making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable among us.


DMG 2016