2014 Interns

Meet the 2014 Interns

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For the summer of 2014 LLCIP welcomes 35 interns joining us from all over Lorain County! The interns will work all summer at agencies across the county. Additionally, as part of the program, the interns will be participating in weekly workshops, or Team Spirit meetings including visiting Common Ground and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department and receiving tours of Downtown Amherst, Oberlin, Elyria and Lorain (just to name a few things we will be doing). The summer program will top off with a community project that they will plan, market and facilitate.

What happened during the internship program?

Learn more about the 2014 intern adventures by checking out the LLCIP blog! You can see what our interns were up to at their various locations, here.

View information about the upcoming LLCIP 2014 Interns Community Project here

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