Joel Miller Jr.

DSC_0106 When Joel graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Marketing Degree, he never thought he would end up being a Correction and Training Officer at the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department.

After graduation he found it difficult finding a job in the marketing field because of the recession.  His father, a retired Lorain City Police Officer encouraged him to apply for an open position at the Sheriff’s Department. At the time he insisted, “I want to be a business man!” But eventually he applied and said, “Now 5 years later it has proven to be serendipitous.  I feel I was meant to be here”.

Joel works with the inmates at the Lorain County Jail and oversees the training of new officers.  He enjoys his work and he has learned that his marketing and communication degree has come in very handy.  He has used his communication skills in dealing with some difficult and challenging situations in the prison as well in developing training techniques for training new officers. His confidence in maintaining a respectful interpersonal communication style has led him to be trusted by his supervisors.

Participating in LLCIP in 2006, Joel was assigned to the Lorain Port Authority as a Marketing and Communication Intern.  He enjoyed having this hands-on work experience and he learned a lot about marketing, networking and feeling passion for his Lorain County community. He also enjoyed getting together with the other interns at their weekly workshops and tours of businesses and non-profits.  He appreciated the “high quality” of the LLCIP opportunities.

His passion for Lorain County continues with him every day.  He believes that Lorain County is prospering with citizens who truly care about this community and its successful growth.  He enthusiastically said, “Success is here, it is now and it is happening! I feel the positive feeling wherever I go!”

Joel’s advice to new interns is “Be in the moment you are in, learn all that you can and soak it all up.  And remember you may end up choosing a different career than your original plan, but it all comes together in the end……serendipitously!”